/ Forward Slash Marketing Consulting

“Ironically, I feel that we’re a bit of an old fashion style business that is assisting in making you a little more modern style business.”

I’ve always been told I have an “old soul”, Maybe it comes from the valuable opportunities that I got to spend with family members such as my grandparents from both sides who instilled in me some traditional values in life which they had also passed on to my parents. From the general kindness, patience, and respect for all from one side, to the always firm hand shake, eye contact, and keeping your word in personal and business life, from the other.

I feel there is something special about small/local businesses. There just seems to be more personal interaction, more character, more caring, and more pride put into their services, and I think that is something that should never die out in this world. Changes and different methods of doing business will come and have to be adapted to, but if they are backed by those “old style” values in the roots, I think we’ll have a more successful commerce in our future.

-Jonathan B. Gonzalez        Owner