/ Forward Slash Marketing Consulting

Social Media Set-Up:

Having social media presence is a must this day in age. It’s almost certain your business or organization can be found on it.  Whether you control and use it to your advantage, or if you merely allow vague and possibly inaccurate information to be depicted… people will begin forming a judgment of your business or organization from it.

We can help you set up and take control of your social media presence. Let us chat with you to collect your story, graphics, and information. We’ll round it up to get it out there, get it correct, get it all synced, and working for you.

Social Media Management:

Once you have your social media presence set up, we can manage it for you. We can institute a program to work for you if its lack of time, focus, or it’s “just not your thing” that’s preventing you from having an active and controlled social media presence. Have us handle your social media monitoring of daily inbound activity and manage your outbound interaction, contact, and activity on behalf of your company or organization.  

Promotional Project Management:

 We can listen to your ideas, make suggestions, and draft promotional campaigns to raise awareness for your business or organization. From overseeing the designing and ordering of collateral and/or custom items, to the handling of live outreach, we can manage the project for you and let you concentrate on your business or organization.

General Consulting:

We can also assist in your current/traditional marketing items such as printed materials, placement of print ads, graphic design, and audio/visual media. We can reach out to work with our network of specific industries and oversee that all your marketing needs are being met.